Shadow Work with Bohomofo

Shadow work is the most compassionate journey you will make. The one that holds our wounds and wonders equally sacred, our story as constant context and the whole truth precious and unvarnished. Shadow work is a solo trek to your dark interior, an heroinic descent to dose the soul and reclaim the whole of yourself.

Our shadows are edgewalkers and bridge builders but you have to stand opposite them to know that. Our shadows store so much power they can frighten but you have to be in their presence to feel the crackle. In our shadows we find the salvation we beg from lesser gods but only once you have knelt before yours are you blessed.

Our shadows crave the balm of our attention and healing that comes from deep listening without agenda. They hold the keys to our many selves locked for too long is a prison of our own making. Your shadows wait as long as you do, for you.

Shadow dancing is my favourite way to work with you. There is no light without shadow to shape and power it. A well supported deep dive into your patterns and potency delivers a new way to inhabit your life and connects you deeply to your purpose. I create a supported space that holds you as you listen carefully to the hidden parts of yourself that come forward when we work together.

There are many paths to shadow work. I offer stand alone sessions, personalised short courses or my signature bespoke Shadow Dancer Program, for those keen to dive deep. Sessions are from 1.5 to 2 hours conducted online face to face, with supporting journalling homework and creative experiences.

Listen to a podcast about my shadow work on Vanessa Couto’s Cosmic Convos

Read a blog post from a shadow dancer program graduate

“Amazing shifts since doing my shadow work with you! Your gentle guidance, listening skills, helpful insights and fabulous humour and lightness of being were extraordinarily helpful as aids in my attempt to find and home my buried parts. Your materials exceptionally well thought out and well placed / paced along the timeline, surprisingly much of it fun, or if not, at least interesting. From the most traumatised and shaken I have ever felt, your shadow work has brought me to a place I had forgotten; joyful and unapologetically me. Wholehearted thanks.”

Liz, Newcastle Australia