My name is Kerrie and I am Bohomofo. An experienced tarot reader, energy healer, astrologer and writer, I make my home in the Lower Hunter Valley in Australia. Guided by the stars above and earth below, I host regular meditations and moon circles for all ages as well as offering my uniquely insightful oracle readings, bespoke rituals and healings.

With a decades old background in natural and alternative therapies and many, many years of good old fashioned study tucked under my belt, I am passionate about reflecting your innate wisdom back to you in myriad forms. Without a shadow of a doubt, I believe that magic is all around us and aligning our good selves with the cosmos we inhabit, working in tandem with the earth and seasons and cycles of the natural world, is all we need to craft an enchanting life.

Everything I offer is magically handcrafted and personalised to suit your specific desires. There is no one size fits all in the realm of Bohomofo. Whether we are tapping in via the cards, the planets, the dance of the seasons or diving deep into your personal herstory, every single treatment, product and client is deliciously unique. It is your point of difference that is your personal point of power and the sweet spot from which we cultivate change. Beyond that, it is an absolute privilege to be invited into your world this way and one that I honour in everything that I do.

Each month I offer my beautifully Bohemian kindred a cosmic forecast for the month on offer and first access to new products, services and events. The online door to this witch’s cottage is always open and I welcome your enquiries, musings and wonderings without judgement or exception.

Welcome to Bohomofo! It is so very lovely to have you here.

Tarot + Meditation + Astrology + Ritual + Healing


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