Welcome, darkling to Bohomofo.

I am a writer and reader and lover of words, a shadow dancer and practicing witch, a stargazer and moon muser. I have just published my first book, which I could not be more thrilled about, and you can purchase Morsel here.

I make my home on the wild east coast of Australia and spend most of my time in my garden of earthly delights. Guided by the stars above and earth below, I create spaces for you to connect to your shadow, your personal power, your soul self and your innate guidance.

With a decades old background in natural and alternative therapies and many, many years of good old fashioned study tucked under my belt, I am passionate about reflecting your innate wisdom back to you in myriad forms. We can dance with your shadow and through my signature program. We can share a few hours together online to play with cards and signs and whispers. Join me fortnightly for my mooners on every new and dark lune.

I blog daily on my socials with regular cosmic insight or you can join me to dive deep into your own magical practice in the Bohomofo Coven. The digital door to my witch’s cottage is always open. I welcome your curiosity and enquiries, musings and wonderings, without judgement or exception.

Stay a while, darkling. It is so very lovely to have you here.



I would love to hear from you