Readings with Bohomofo

In uncertain times when the ground is rumbling beneath your feet or your finger lunges for the reset button, the divinatory arts are your friend. A reading is the perfect way to reflect and make uncommon sense of what’s going on for you right now. With more than a dash of astrology if you’re making plans for your bright future and the wisdom of the craft interwoven, each readings is crafted to support and empower you, no matter what you find yourself wading through.

The present moment is your point of power, the pivot from which your life unfolds. Readings are focused on what is going on for you right now and divine the possibilities in front of you from this perspective. An experienced reader with an extensive background in natural therapies and healing, Kerrie is warm, intuitive and focused.

If you are curious about what the cards hold for you or musing on something going on in your life right now, a reading gifts you a fresh perspective providing clarity and insight. Readings are conducted by appointment online via Zoom, Skype or Messenger.

Crossroads Reading

For those standing at a junction in their lives or with a big decision to make, the cross roads reading offersa unique approach to navigating the threshold.

New Beginning Reading

For those who have taken a fresh leap, we explore the nature of your wings unfurling and the currents you may encounter as you learn to fly higher. Whether personal or professional in nature, the new beginning reading offers clarity, insight and encouragement.

Valley of Death Reading

For those navigating collapse, break up, loss, grief or heartbreak. Tender medicine to balm your heart, craft perspective, cultivate care and bolster your spirit.


For those wanting to harness the power and insight of their dreams, visions and intentions. Perfect for experienced dreamers and those just beginning to craft a dedicated dreaming practice, we peer into your visions and scry meaning from their myriad forms.