Workshops with Bohomofo

Choose from several different workshops or courses for groups who would like to go deeper into the work. Meditation, breathwork and storytelling days to fire the imagination and soothe the soul. Magic, ritual and powerful spellcraft to connect to your power. Well crafted courses, delivered in Bohomofo’s signature style, are engaging and deeply nourishing. Workshops are held upon request and you can choose from these below or design a day to suit your interests and curiosity.

  • In Tune With The Moon re-establishes your natural connection with the moon and her cycle, gifting you extra time, energy and insight into the regular cycles of your life.
  • Intuition, Self Care and The Shadow explores the three areas of our life we all too quickly sweep aside in favour of other imperatives.
  • Inner Wisdom and Personal Power teaches effective tools to deeply connect to these sources of strength by examining astrology, archetypes and mythology.
  • Boundaries 101 teaches how to recognise, communicate and set boundaries in each of the key areas of your life

Courses are conducted online until the world opens up again.