Women’s Circles

Women’s Circles

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Our world and our bodies are built of cycles. And yet in our very modern world we mark the passage of time by the clock, by how much we have to get done, where we need to be and when. We are always on, running from one thing to the next, juggling our time and our lives in a whirl.

There was a time when the movement of the planets above us and the earth below us showed us the way and we walked in step with them. Ancient Mystery Schools guided those committed to this great work for a year and a day, teaching the energies held in the lunar and solar cycles, gently shepherding them through the sacred turns of the wheel that determined the seasons and festivals and beyond that our diets, behaviours, emotions, observations, transformations.

In traditional cultures, women sat in circle together regularly together to align their personal cycles and deeply connect to one another. In a sense each was midwife and mother to each other, holding space and making plans, weaving their path and beyond for those who depended on their knowing and intuition. These circles shaped communities and offered a sense of loving, compassionate, supported belonging that welcomed all equally and without condition.

If you would like to host a women’s circle in your area (Hunter Valley, Central Coast or Sydney) get in touch via the Contact Page. Women’s Circles can be customised to suit your gathering, theme, event or to commemorate a special event.