Online Readings

Online Readings

I offer readings online via Messenger, Zoom or Skype and they now appeal to the majority of my clientele. As a method of connecting, online readings are no different to any other. I have clients all over the world, from Nashville to New York, from London to Manila, Sweden to Sydney. Online readings are available for anyone who can’t get to my lounge!

I offer a variety of readings, all of which are listed in my shop with details on content, timing and pricing. Simply enquire using the form below with your preferred appointment (and time zone) and we can tee up a time that works for you.

“It is amazing how two people can intentionally connect on such an energetic level while living in what seems like opposite ends of the universe. Your reading and ability to connect from so far away is so important to my acceptance of my shadow and choices in moving forward, which you just solidified for me. You’re an amazing fan.bloody.tastic woman. Without even knowing you, you have shown me that I AM on the right path. No matter how hard it is and that I AM CAPABLE of moving past this shit. Thank you so much for your kind words of wisdom.”

Amber, Tucson Arizona

“Thank you. So, so, so much. For your insight, wisdom and relateable-ness (I know, not a word) and the gift you give to this world. What a unicorn you are. Much love.”

~ Samantha Wills, New York