Spellcraft with Bohomofo

Spellcraft is one of the oldest and most revered ways to effect change in your life. Intention is one thing – and a very important one at that – but aligning your heartfelt desires for your life with forces mightier than your sweet self takes manifesting to whole other level. Magic is a doing word. The most powerful spells are the ones you cast yourself. This is a personalised service offering you solutions that educate, empower and enchant.

Spellcraft is not for the fainthearted. It will require your absolute commitment to making change in your life and a degree of honesty that is both confronting and liberating. We will work with astrological and moon cycles, plant and herb lore and the ancient arts of magic and divination to arrive at a bespoke solution for you.

After an in depth online discussion, Bohomofo will design a handcrafted magical offering built just for you. The spell and ritual will be provided to with a recipe and instructions to replicate it at home, crafted with perfectly aligned astrology, botanicals and magic tools.​.. and the most important ingredient. You and your magic.

I do not offer services to curse nor hex, cast nor bind, neither to influence anyone’s free will but your own.