Astrology | Breathwork | Storytelling

Every full moon and dark moon

Hosted live on Zoom, these regular full and dark moon events capture the cosmic landscape. Crafted to tickle your synapses and fire your imaginal cells, we dive deep into each lunation and the accompanying astrology. Followed with a balming guided breathwork to soothe the nervous system and a signature storytelling journey to surprise and delight. Imagination is our secret superpower as we envision our brave new world.

Next Dark Mooner This Thursday

I love stretching my storytelling muscles, combining journeying with gentle exploration of the shadow. Each event includes a bonus Q&A for those who choose to stay afterwards to support anyone navigating their own shadows or with questions about the Shadow Dancer program.

A recording is sent to all ticketholders at the conclusion of the event if you cannot join us live. A portion of ticket sales contributes ongoing to the valuable work of the National Justice Project.