One on One Mentoring with Bohomofo

Working one on one is the fastest and most direct way to effect change, learn and grow into our path and power. Whether you are interested in developing your intuition, honing your boundaries, exploring your shadow or walking through a difficult twist in your life, Bohomofo offers a completely unique and individualised service built for you.

When you work with Bohomofo one on one, we dive into the full medicine bag, making our way together through a bespoke and fully customisable program designed to suit your interests, needs, time available and budget. Each session is conducted online face to face and followed up with notes, journal prompts, recommended reading and creative homework experiences.

If you are struggling with a particular issue or dynamic in your life, a chronic overthinker who has lost touch with her inner guidance or looking to deepen your understanding of a particular issue, we can work together to lift your spirits and balm your soul self.

“At a crossroads recently, I sat with Kerrie for a tarot reading. Her intuitive sight combined with her empathy, honesty and kindness embraced me and gave me an incredible amount of clarity in which to make some big decisions. I then engaged Kerrie as a mentor to work with me on developing and identifying my intuition and to best read and trust in it, through meditation and study projects she tailored for me. I cannot recommend Kerrie’s one on one coaching enough, especially her Intuition Course. Her ability to hold space while you step into your own is exactly what the world needs more of right now. I feel incredibly fortunate  to be able to share space with such an incredible teacher and look forward to learning more from Kerrie’s amazing repertoire of knowledge, experience and kindness. Thank you Kerrie, for showing me what I could not see myself. You are truly one of the world’s beautiful people.”

Samantha Wills, Founder Samantha Wills Foundation