I adore working one on one to effect change, learn and grow into our path and power. Whether you are interested in mentoring, bespoke ritual and spellcraft for a specific purpose, customised ceremony to mark a milstone or a deeply restorative energy healing, I offer a completely unique and individualised service built around you.


I offer bespoke mentoring to enhance your connection to your intuition and personal power. We dive into my full medicine bag, working together through a bespoke and fully customisable program designed to suit your interests, needs, time available and budget. Each session is conducted on Skype and followed up with notes, journal prompts, recommended reading and homework experiences.

If you are struggling with a particular issue or dynamic in your life, a chronic overthinker who has lost touch with her inner guidance or looking to deepen your understanding of divination, tarot, astrology, archetypes or witchcraft, get in touch to chat about how we can work together.

“At a crossroads recently, I sat with Kerrie for a tarot reading. Her intuitive sight combined with her empathy, honesty and kindness embraced me and gave me an incredible amount of clarity in which to make some big decisions. I then engaged Kerrie as a mentor to work with me on developing and identifying my intuition and to best read and trust in it, through meditation and study projects she tailored for me. I cannot recommend Kerrie’s one on one coaching enough, especially her Intuition Course. Her ability to hold space while you step into your own is exactly what the world needs more of right now. I feel incredibly fortunate  to be able to share space with such an incredible teacher and look forward to learning more from Kerrie’s amazing repertoire of knowledge, experience and kindness. Thank you Kerrie, for showing me what I could not see myself. You are truly one of the world’s beautiful people.”

Samantha Wills, Founder of Samantha Wills Jewellery and Samantha Wills Foundation


Bespoke rituals and spellcraft combine magic and meditation with practical good sense to offer a focus point for what you would like to bring into your life. After an in depth discussion and an oracle reading, I will design a handcrafted offering, providing you with a recipe and instructions to replicate it at home with perfectly aligned astrology, botanicals and magic tools.​

I do not offer services to curse nor hex, neither to influence anyone’s free will but your own.


I offer Blessingway and Weddingway ceremonies as a gorgeous way to observe the important transitions in our lives. These ceremonies allow the participants to express their wishes for the lucky recipient in sacred space and are customised to suit both the occasion and the wishes of those present.

Each include a divine breathwork meditation to release any stress or tension, conscious intent setting in circle that honours the recipient and a keepsake infused with the well wishes and blessings of all in attendance. A beautiful addition to your bridal bouquet or baby’s crib and something to keep forever.

Let me design a beautiful ceremony for you.


Every healing session is unique and tailored to suit your needs. I combine reiki, energy healing, chakra clearing and balancing, guided meditation, crystals, bells, bowls and of course my trusty magic wand to offer a sublimely relaxing treatment that restores body, mind and soul. Treatments are available for an hour or for two hours.

I made an appointment with Kerrie for an energy healing session without realising how much I needed it. I felt that Kerrie had a very natural ability to tune in to me and create a strong connection. Through that connection the imbalances within me were discovered and treated. I walked away with some amazing insights into myself and the beliefs I had been living with that no longer served any purpose. From there I was able to accept certain aspects of myself and tap into areas of my life that had been neglected for too long. I can’t say enough about how positive that session turned out to be for me and the changes it has brought. Kerrie is a great spiritual therapist and I would highly recommend her.

~ Karen Jones, Counsellor

Thank you for the wonderful treatment this morning. You have restored my energy, lifted the heavy weight surrounding me & guided me to a higher level of well being. I feel so relaxed & peaceful.. Thanks Kerrie 🙂

~ Tracy Muri, Hunter Valley