Much like my beautiful clients, every healing session is unique and tailored to suit your needs. My sessions tend to be a combination according to what is required by your system to come back into balance.

Decades of study give me access to a wide variety of modalities. My treatments begin with a smudging and guided breathwork practice in order to allow us to sink into the level we need to work at together. Treatments may include reiki, energy healing, chakra clearing and balancing, guided meditation, crystals, sound healing and ancient magical techniques to offer a sublimely relaxing treatment that restores body, mind and soul.

Treatments are available online for one or two hours. In person treatments are available upon request and subject to an introductory online session.


I made an appointment with Kerrie for an energy healing session without realising how much I needed it. I felt that Kerrie had a very natural ability to tune in to me and create a strong connection. Through that connection the imbalances within me were discovered and treated. I walked away with some amazing insights into myself and the beliefs I had been living with that no longer served any purpose. From there I was able to accept certain aspects of myself and tap into areas of my life that had been neglected for too long. I can’t say enough about how positive that session turned out to be for me and the changes it has brought. Kerrie is a great spiritual therapist and I would highly recommend her.

~ Karen Jones, Counsellor

Thank you for the wonderful treatment this morning. You have restored my energy, lifted the heavy weight surrounding me & guided me to a higher level of well being. I feel so relaxed & peaceful.. Thanks Kerrie 🙂

~ Tracy Muri, Hunter Valley