The Coven Electric

Birthed on the Celtic new year in Scorpio season 2019 and held on Patreon, the Bohomofo Coven Electric is a powerful portal to magic. Our coven is a warm community space in which to deepen your spiritual connection to the world you inhabit. We walk with the moon cycle, seasons and sabbats as we follow the wheel of the year marked by ritual and spellcraft. This is unashamedly a self development space focused on practical magic, weaving the transpersonal and the natural world together. Built for the curious and enchanted, all are welcome to explore the otherworlds with us.

Coven membership offers distinct lunar and astrological insight, new spells and rituals every dark and full moon, sabbat observances and traditions, herbal and plant lore, ritual and crafting considerations, playlists, cocktail parties, discounts of sessions and early bird notifications to events. Join us here, witches.

Lady Bohemia’s Magics

A handcrafted range of whole plant oils, flower mists and essences to remedy, soothe and balm. Each of these creations are made entirely by yours truly, combining my early days as a budding herbalist with my knowledge of moon and astrological cycles, spellcraft, plant lore and divination.

The plant allies utilised are organic and most all are grown here at the witch’s cottage, so I know they have not been sprayed and have been well loved. These remedies are a synergistic blend of whole plant oils and flower essences infused with specific intention. Each is crafted in ritual space, charged by moonlight and magic. The range is small, powerful and precisely focused and all are prepared on request.

Lady Bohemia’s Magics are designed and crafted to support your vaulting evolution, no matter where you find yourself. Bespoke remedies are also available with a consult and new products will be added according to seasonal availability. All products come with detailed instructions on how to use them for maximum effectiveness.

Mugwort Magic Dreaming Oil

Mugwort is also known as the witch’s herb and has been used for centuries to aid divination, dreaming, journeying and magic. This dreamy oil is crafted from organically grown Artemisia from my garden, steeped for a specific moon cycle. The result is a chemical free whole plant oil that magnifies the potency and effects of the plant itself, a synergistic blend of oils and flower essences to support the dreaming body. Designed to enhance our connection to our inner wisdom, this oil is for use as a tool to better understand our sacred sight and connect to our higher self.

Rosewater Heart Mist

Rosewater Heart Mist is an organic rosewater mist combined with the Heart Balm remedy, a blessing in a spray bottle. Rose is particular to the heart space, balming and calming our addled centrepoint. Heart Balm is a warm and loving companion for times of heartbreak, despair or grief. Blended together this mist soothes and uplifts, delighting the senses and the heart.

Right Relationship Essence

For those enmeshed in relationship with another. This remedy renews intimacy, connection and commitment while releasing judgement and criticism of the other. It improves communication and reinvigorates passion. And it works best if you both take it.

Flying Solo Essence

Flying Solo is for those who are single and is built upon resolution of The Past. It releases the snare of old hurt and sorrow, aids forgiveness and frees us from the bonds of our history. It focuses on integrating the hard won lessons that now live in our heart.

Heart Balm Essence

More than an essence for times of heartbreak, despair or grief, Heart Balm quells the panic, soothes the wounding and renews lost hope. Truly a companion for those awful times when the tears are overwhelming and you feel so very hurt. These little soldiers are the cuddle in a bottle you need, coming to your emotional rescue.

Happy Dog Drops

Happy Dog Drops are a remedy for anxiety, panic and fear in dogs. They are especially good for those pupsters who suffer from separation anxiety, quiver in terror during storms or have experienced traumatic early lives. Wildly popular with our test doggies, this is a natural alternative to dog valium and worth trying first!

Bespoke Remedy

If you cannot find the remedy you need, I will craft it just for you. Flower essences are keys that unlock our emotional body, no matter how it has tangled itself up. Each bespoke essence includes an online consultation and ritual divination to ensure your remedy is perfected.