About Bohomofo

Hello lovely Bohemian,

I want you to know this before all else: I am a firm believer in magic, the every day kind that is enmeshed in our lives. There is so much joy to be found in the magical life and in crafting your existence, moment to moment and day by day. That’s the essence of Bohomofo ~ to shape our lives to fit who we are and what we want. To align ourselves to the world we inhabit in such a way that we bend and flex with it, reading the signs and noticing the shifts as they happen.

My name is Kerrie and I am an experienced tarot reader, energy healer, astrologer and writer, living in the Lower Hunter Valley in Australia. Living out of the big smoke on a sprawling property with acres of trees, sweet rainwater filling the tank and a crackling hearth in Winter gets me connected, joining the dots between my life and this world, this earth, this place. I am blessed to live where I can watch the trees and the animals and the seasons as much as the people who populate this quirky little country town I call home. I absolutely believe that the Universe speaks to us through the celestial bodies, the movement of creatures and the wind in the trees. This secret language guides my life.

What I do

I am a writer at heart, in my marrow, my very soul. I am a tarot reader & energy healer by trade because every exchange is a fascinating new story, told to me by forces beyond that one sitting in front of me, from somewhere past the mundane world.

I am a practicing witch and proud to call myself so without any colourful qualification. I am simply and completely devoted to the crooked path of the Goddess lit by the moon. This pantheon for me represents my connection with the natural and unseen worlds and my ability to merge with those energies. That is magic and it is as real as the words you are reading right now.

Bohemia began life as a gorgeous shop but what I did not know as I began to craft her and fill her shelves was that I was creating a community. The Bohemians. Those who were more than happy to live outside the norm, who craved the otherness. For those who cared less about the material plane and more for the natural world and all her earthly delights. For people like you and me with a penchant for the alternative and a fascination for the extraordinary, as we make sense of the mundane. The shop exists only in dreams now as I turned my time and focus to writing and tarot and travel. A life less anchored and more adventurous.

Bohemia still has a home on Facebook and her history is held there too. You can join the bustling community of Bohemians here for regular inspiration, updates on where I am at and what it is exactly that I am doing there and links to the work of other magnificent Bohemians.

You can find the majority of my dreamy visual output on Instagram @bohomofo

And of course, you can join me Bohemians. Pop by and let’s share space and time. Check out my Events page for more details on my courses and classes or my Tarot page to make a booking.