Next cab off the head in the clouds rank is Mercury and Neptune meeting in Pisces, connecting through a veil of smoke and mirrors, secrets and lies. Except in this climate they are as well hidden as a baby elephant behind a telegraph pole. Motive is no longer cloaked in the emperor’s new clothes. We can all see your bits now.
As ruler of Pisces, Neptune can play this game forever dancing with our wilful delusion and catching us out in the places where the mind tangles and knots. It is a slippery path to the whole inconvenient truth, one that always challenges rigid thinking or terminal cases of me me me. But unless confronted and expanded, you will be banging on the door to the higher self foreverever.
Merc in Pisces invites us into the mythological and spiritual dimensions of our hammering headspace, while also providing a far too convenient opt out. Imagination grants you the wings to rise above or dive below. Inspiration doled out in buckets to those willing or able to clear the channels of flickering old programs and white noise.
When Merc and Neptune put their heads together reality is distorted into discordant symphonics. This is blessing or curse, manipulation or marvel, infiltrating your known universe. Manna for creatives and a trapdoor for the hard-and-fast, the next few days will stir the cloudbank and illuminate the game you are actually playing. Nothing is just as it seems.
What is now proved was once only imagined
~ William Blake
Art: Speechless Mind