Vulnerability is the most likely hangover of the dreamy Libran full moon. She who invited us to a fresh union of opposites, in order to come into right relationship with all that lives outside of us. Of course that is a tall order when, like most all living through this post post-modern revolution, we are still working on internal reconciliation.
Enter Chiron, the wounded healer with the salty fingers, who has always been more interested in how we rise than what knocked us down. Today he takes tea and sympathy with the Sun in Aries and their conjunction is the next step in the dance.
Tenderly does it. Our world is finally, if glacially, moving beyond the shame and shutdown two step. It is engaged in a searing series of excruciating conversations that are hard to have, and so overdue. Healing is borne of listening in a world that would still rather point fingers and shout. But nothing that is routinely ignored can be made better by disavowing it. We have all got really good at armouring ourselves up. Less so at re-learning how to let others in.
Safety first is a truism and there is no moving beyond trauma without its necessary protection. Like a band-aid, it gives what is bleeding beneath it time to knit scar tissue. But that plaster has to be ripped off or the wound will fester again. It needs exposure to the elements, and eventually to the world itself, to forge its healing.
The dance between armour and vulnerability requires courage. Buckets of it. Solid self worth that holds your internal balance. Absolute trust in yourself and your instincts. Boundaries as biomimicry that ensures scar tissue stays intact and can morph into a beautiful demonstration of grace and strength.
As Chiron and the Sun shine fresh light on old wounds, today is yet another Aries initiation point. You can forge a new relationship to your past by shifting your focus into the futuristic present.
And how you rise.
And how you dance.
I am blooming from the wound where I once bled
~ Rune Lazuli
Words c. Kerrie Basha 2021