One sunny Aries day in 1983 in Kansas City, an astrologer called John Sandback was sitting in his parked car. In the space of four hours that afternoon he channelled 360 distinct images, each one symbolic of a particular degree of the zodiac. Evocative symbols that held keys and clues hinting at deeper celestial information.
John received the symbols mentally, one at a time, each faithfully scribed on a different piece of paper noting the sign and degree. The next day he put them in astrological order and the Chandra symbols were born, named for the spirit guide he worked with. Chandra, the Sanskrit word for moon.
After each full moon, not before, I like to muse upon its mystical Chandra codex. Let it blend with the moonlight already crept under my skin, revealing another layer.
Today’s full moon was at Libra 8 and this is what it whispers. How it wonders. Why it lingers.
“You find the subtle edge between the universal self and your own evolving centre. As you keep extending to the far horizon, the synthesis or blend grows richer and finer all the while. It is only by blending what has previously been polarised that you can begin to make your way. To be here for the changes and the mix is everything. To define and limit is nothing. You simply have no taste whatsoever for prepared, pre-digested worlds. It has to be dazzlingly inventive and spontaneously revelatory to have any currency in the realm where we are all seeking to bust loose and we take what we find, throw it together, and discover that everything is part of the same thing. And this realisation fans a pathway beyond the known altogether.”
Curiouser and curiouser, darklings. Initiation overdrive.
Quote from Elliot Lonsdale’s 1997 interpretation and expansion of this symbolic lunar language, Inside Degrees.
📷 today’s moonset in Bariloche, Argentina by @edu_escars
Story c. Kerrie Basha 2021