Though our next dreamy full moon does not peak in Libra until early Monday, her blazing light is already filling our night skies as her tendrils reach into our hearts. She sets the tone for a cosy weekend of relating, exploring and realising, without a shadow of a doubt, why striking the right balance between heart and head is crucial to a life well lived.
As Mars takes time out of bounds to meet the North Node today, the future beckons from up close. Its portents are there for those with a mind to hope and a heart to believe the signs. And we will be diving into all of them.
Just after the crack of noon today, I will be telling the tales of this fantastical full moon and her stellar cast of influences. We will be spending time with Venus exploring her cazimi and our heart’s reset. Chatting Chiron’s evolutionary purpose far beyond wounding and wailing. Exploring Aries archetypes and the astrogical new year. And dancing the light fantastic of the grand air trine that links Saturn, Mars and the beautiful moon. Wrapped up in the cosy blanket of story and a fairytale journey into the dark forest.
Come trip the light fantastic of this magical full moon with me from 12.30pm today AEDT or register for the recording to enjoy at your leisure. You can also purchase the full video recording after the event has concluded, if you are only seeing this now. Simply DM for details and to get your glittering mitts on it.
For those joining live, there is a complimentary shadow work Q & A at the end. Bring your questions about the dark arts of shadow, our Coven Electric and witchcraft, or musing on stars and moon.
I love our fortnightly mooners and I can’t wait for the sweet syrup of the Libra peak. Catch you soon, darklings 💃
Art by Ezo Oneir
Words c. Kerrie Basha 2021