Today Venus passes through the sun in Aries, her cazimi a total eclipse of the heart. This is an initiation into a new relationship with your generative centrepoint and too an ignition point designed to set your heart aflame.
Beyond who we love and why, Venus has much to do with what we love and how. Our natal Venus shapes our hummingbird heart and what makes it tick, beat faster or arrest. She holds dominion over our values and thus our relationship to everything in our lives. She informs our allures and desires, crafting our most aspirational pictures of life and love. Experience shapes its shadows.
Her cazimi is a rebirth and another reset point in a year chockers with them. Recent days – or weeks – may well have felt like hard labour, showing us the dead ends and lonely corridoors of our heartspace. Transition requires courage and the ability to let the old die and fall away in order to make space for the new. That isn’t languishing at the gate for you, nonchalantly tapping its fingers. It is waiting for you to fully arrive first.
And then to begin again in virgin territory, initiated by lived experience and reset by Venus superior conjunction with the sun.
Make no mistake about it darklings, this is a shimmering invitation wrapped in the riddles of your life that only you can accept. It has little to do with anyone else, not yet. Your most important relationship is the one you cultivate with yourself and it lives and dies on the altar of acceptance. If you have abandoned yourself to get love from anyone or anything else, this is your turning point. There will be no better time than now to reclaim your heart from external clutches that strangle its life force or dull its beating. If you do not hold your heart holy, you cannot seriously expect another to do it for you.
This re-envisioning enlivens us from a newfound point of power and promise. Venus squares her shoulders and tosses her titian mane. She stares down the smouldering path ahead and meets its heat and gaze with her own.
Unbroken. Unbidden. Aflame.
📷 @karenwalker as Venus
Words c. Kerrie Basha 2021