Everything begins in the dark. In the space before the spark appears the flint is placed. Seeds plunged into the nourishing darkness of soil set roots that feed growth above it. From the world below the world, weaved within the one beyond it.
Venus cazimi dances behind the sun and out of sight until she rises again as the evening star in May. Her superior conjunction announces her departure and disappearing act from our skies into the dark beyond. Welcome repose in the heart’s sacred underworld that holds all of our stories holy.
Venus’ seven week journey back into our night sight can initiate us into the next season of our lives. Moving us through unknown cardiac and creative territory, in order to craft wit and wisdom. Initiation is the condition of rebirth and you cannot skip nor rush it. Mastery is a false god that halts learning to stroke ego. The heart knows better what it wants and can wait as long as you’ve got for you to face its shadows, so you know too.
As Venus takes her leave if not her hearty influence, we perch on the far reaches of the overlap. The old world still ringing in our ears wailing as its monuments crumble. As a braver new world glimmers from the other side of this passage, the irresistable allure of evolution.
Sweet dreams and ancient prophecies vying for our attention. Fear and longing etched on our bones as clues to follow on the journey. Courage rising from the spaces between. Our heart drumming directions and taking the lead. Venus’ flamenco in Aries tracing the outline of a flower in her steps, trailing flames from her fingers in our lives.
In each moment the fire rages, it will burn away a hundred veils. And carry you a thousand steps towards your goal.
~ Rumi
Art @sherichakamianart
Words c. Kerrie Basha 2021