Hump day lands with more than a smidge of niggle and snark trailing. Even as Venus prepares for her meeting and rebirth through the heart of the sun. Even as the fresh fire of Aries dries up all the rain, if not the tears. Even as the Leo moon bolsters hearts and tosses manes.
Grumpy doesn’t begin to describe it. Lingering irritation, frustrating limits and finally tumbling out hard truths could all make their needling presence felt today, as Merc and Mars square off from their corners of the zodiac.
Merc in Pisces is dreamy surrender – or a control freak’s worst nightmare. Drowning anger in sadness and yet subjecting Aries get up and go to unheralded downpour. Though Merc thinks in mythology and talks in riddles here, nostalgia for what once was can tug and tear at us and doldrums we thought already navigated can surface again.
Mars in Gemini is a rutbuster who can see the future and wants to drag us all there pronto. Operating out of bounds and with few fucks given, his kryptonite is boredom. Beware the depressive hopelessness that comes from staring at something slack jawed, waiting interminably for it to change by itself. Your frustration won’t make it so. The only thing you can shift is your view.
In square dancing combo, Merc and Mars deliver challenge that can put you under the pump. Pressure can compress emotions into eruption and lead to ill communication. Rushing can lead to missteps and mistakes. And it can all land on your face or fly off your fingers like a scowl.
Today is not the day for negotiations and there is no point arguing with the already aggrieved. Give every day bullies and bullshit artists an even wider berth and take most of what arrives at volume or speed with a grain of salt. Save the arsenal for its intended target, rather than the hapless hopping cluelessly in and out of your scope. Collateral damage is never easily undone.
Channel the teeth grinding frustration into the physical and give your mind a job beyond macerating what you have already mashed to a pulp. Anger is an ally but not if you give it a target and fuel. Don’t let your middle finger do all the talking. Dive beneath the surface turbulence to save your day.
📷 @Dior
Words c. Kerrie Basha 2021
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