Fire Dancing in the Storm

Fire dancing is an art form that originates in the Pacific, where Polynesian and Maori warriors used it to train for battle. It increased the strength and control of wrists, all the better for wielding weapons effectively. Its training rendered bodies lithe and supple, all the better to move with strength or grace or stealth as required. Most importantly, fire is an unforgiving training partner. All the better to prepare the warriors for war.
Today’s Mars Pluto firestorm is not unfamiliar. Mars has been squaring off with the Capricorn congress on repeat thanks to his retrograde, which fully peaks next week. That’s right darklings, we are not nearly done with this astrofuckery by design. We are supposed to feel fire in our belly and teeth gnashing. We are built to respond to these burning times.
Revolution is not a spectator sport but nor has its frontline ever been keyboard warriors. Modern revolt’s threatres of war are largely online, though its suffering face never has been. Reality is just that, though we have been conditioned to see it as mindless fodder to chew on as we debate its merits, truth and motive from armchairs dripping in velvet privilege.
This is where the rubber meets the road. No matter how conditioned or indoctrinated or comfortable on your well feathered perch you may be, sitting this one out finds you complicit. Silence is support of the toxic status quo. A refusal to pick a side will see yours consumed by the flames, possibly the only force that doesn’t discriminate.
You will need all your armour. You will be misunderstood and maligned. Your voice will catch in your throat and you will be reviled for raising it by those who can only raise theirs to stand against, rather than for anything. But your stance will force the hands and hearts of others, who like most of this braying world are engaged in showing their true faces and allegiances.
This reveal is brutal and often horrifying. But truth does not emerge from the well asking for permission to speak. She doesn’t wait for a break in play or for everyone to calm down. She gives zero shits about tone policing and whataboutism and all the lies toolmakers have for sale under their coats.
She roars regardless.
Incredible fire dancing by @toiahi.danzadelfuoco
Words c. Kerrie Basha 2020