In Conversation with the Dark Lord

Can you spare a moment to chat about our dark lord and his meaningful work in the world? Pluto at the station hopes so having concluded his world changing retrograde here.

Pluto’s long slow dance of constant eruption and challenge pushes the world through functional chaos and transition, rebirthing it into new form. It destroys to create and aims squarely at the pillars of society: politics and culture, church and state, money and power. His last tango in Capricorn from 1762 generated the industrial and American revolutions.

Pluto’s post modern purge kicked off in 2008 with the global financial crisis as we saw just how rigged the whole money power game is. This was just the beginning of the fatal quakes. A little site called Wikileaks began to change the rules about information. Coups rattled governments and rolling war broke out. A terrible cost wrought by those interested only in protecting themselves began to mount.

On a mission to uncover secrets and lies and expose the rort and rot, Pluto has since taken aim at all the evil institutions that control us to reveal corruption, abuse of power and outrageous scandal. Whether governments or their puppetmasters, media and technology, the Vatican or Hollywood, Captain Chaos always gets the job done. Though his transforming is confounding, brutal or unholy, there is method to the madness.

In 2017 Saturn brought his heft to the process. Cue me too, in every sense. And then in 2020, their meeting at this very station in January turned it all the way up to 11. The world stopped, the power panicked and truth emerged from the well roaring. We are watching the revolution in real time as what once was power tumbles from its lofty perch.

Pluto’s coup de grace is rebirth and his sights are set on the age of Aquaria by 2023. So as he painfully slowly makes his way back over this cracked Capricorn ground and chaos flares all around us, this is the transition. And it lives as large within us as it rumbles around us.

Pluto’s currency is power. It crackles in all of us, aching to arc up and revolutionise our world too. Since April we have felt his hand in the small of our backs and know the toll to pay for lasting change. Now he pushes us forward.


Pic via Pinterest, from 2020’s standout meme fodder

Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2020