Venus in Virgin Territory

Some good news astrology amidst shit getting realer than real. Virgo has exited the lair of the lioness, her voyage out of the jungle marked by the conclusion of a fiery relationship cycle. With the full moon hungover in Aries sidled up to a hamstrung Mars, the pressure remained on as the dark feminine stared down the Capricorn congress. Burning times indeed, darklings.

Lady Love into virgin territory invites a fresh, grounded approach to all that makes our hummingbird hearts soar. Under such dynamic skies as everything around us shifts and shudders, Venus calls us to a pragmatic consideration of our values through maiden eyes.

Our priorities have been significantly revolutionised by this troublesome year. What is truly important has claimed top billing beyond status, shiny distractions and programmed posturing. Influence traded for integrity, faux fuckwittery shelved for authenticity and holy humanity claiming dominion over performative cruelty dressed up as power. Dignity and grace under fire are finally earning more points on the leader board than tantrum and terror.

When Venus moves from Leo into Virgo, a sign ruled by Mercury, communication takes priority over passion. She casts a discerning eye over our love languages inviting us to do the same. Acts of selfless service are what is holding this world together. Quality time and loving touch made precious again in an era of social distancing. Words used as affirmative action instead of weapons of mass confusion. Venus here reminds us that boundaries are a love language too and the greatest demonstration of mutual respect.

For too long the rules of engagement have been determined in a darkness that never held itself to account in the light of day. As our new dawn starts to shimmer from the far horizon, accountability is this era’s aphrodisiac. Lady Love won’t accept anything less.

Know your worth. Find the courage to leave the table if respect is no longer being served.
~ Tene Edwards

📷 of Angelica Houston, her Venus in Virgo and steely gaze making her boundaries clear.