Aries Hangover

Not all full moons are created equal. Each has a unique cosmic choreography that accompanies its waxing, setting the stage the lune will light up at her peak.

This small but mighty micro moon punched well above her weight, raising our high tide mark and blazing her fiery gaze deep into our shadow. Though if you went to battle as the moon ratcheted, you are at risk of losing the war entirely.

The most effective precursor to true shadow work is more than getting sick of your shit. It is when you cease holding everyone else responsible for it. Your reactions, triggers and sore spots are your department, as is tending and integrating them. You don’t magically get over dreadful things by burying them and waiting for enough time to pass that you forget where. You either grow beyond them thanks to their compost and your good work of turning it in. Or you wither bitterly, tethered to old stakes in hardened ground.

Though we often feel a let off post peak, this month there isn’t so much as a break in play. October is not about catching your breath as getting match fit for the brave new world you have been renovating all year. Come phoenix season just three short weeks away, you will be leaning hard on that level up.

This morning’s flaming sunrise preceded the peak but spoke a fiery truth that will underline itself in a few days time when Pluto and Mars square off. There is no reprieve this month as the stars collude and clash. If inexplicably your revolution has not yet begun, prepare to be radicalised into the game.


Words and pic c. Kerrie Basha 2020
This shot of this full moon morn’s breathtaking sunrise is the glorious upside of fire full moons, that rarely let me sleep through them.