Initiation Point: Aries Full Moon

The Aries full moon is the next initiation point in our rolling revolution, a herald in the heavens marking your newest iteration. But under fiery skies flaring over a transitioning world, it need not be the hill you die on.

Sandwiched between this year’s most influential players switching gears, Saturn still grinding restriction and Pluto courting yet more chaos, we are feeling the squeeze. Mars rx snark is lighting sputtering fires beneath gripe and discomfort and ramping everything as the dark feminine glowers beside him.

But the moon sees more than the angry ants at war on the surface or the flailing generals calling yet more shots. Her beams drawing out what lies beneath as her conjunction with Chiron calls to old wounds and flimsy scar tissue. In Aries these are our oldest deepest identity wounds, our original I Am’s. Aching for the balm of tender attention that defeats a helmet turned stubbornly away. You cannot heal anything you refuse to acknowledge in yourself. The blame game is self defeating. The old aches linger and stab until we do right by them.

Every month this year has felt like another country. We are not who we used to be. Not when Saturn and Pluto clanged in January. Not how we were when Chiron linked arms with the Aries new moon last March as the world put closed signs in their windows. No longer the one who stared down our mid year eclipse season. We have been altered by design and by disaster alike into another version of ourselves, yet becoming. Pushed to our limits and utterly revolutionised by this mad year out of time.

This lairy lune’s blazing gaze illuminates it all against a backdrop of flames and explosion. Let her peak draw out the old ways and means, your not no mores and once were warriors, and submit them to the furnace. You won’t be needing them where you are heading now, darkling.

As this full moon raises the stakes, change the game.


Spells and rituals up now in the coven.

Art @artxman
Words c. Kerrie Basha 2020