Flaming Full Moon on the Rise

The stage is set for a flaming full moon in Aries and as we ratchet to tomorrow’s peak, tides and tempers are rising. The gong show is suddenly louder, more brazen and less responsible for its trail of destruction. All the better for Truth to emerge once more from the well.

As we concertina into the pointy end of 2020 and the revolution heaves under its own weight, it is now generating its own momentum and carving its way to a braver new world. Though you could be forgiven if you cannot see past screaming manbabies arguing over the keys to the falling fifedom or the pass agg snarking of those still not committing to their evolutionary road and blaming everyone else for it.

Fuck ’em. You do you, darkling. Hold your line and your head high. Glittering eyes peeled on your far horizons, dreams swirling behind your eyes and feet firmly planted on solid ground. The revolution seeding within you will show you the way if you turn down the volume on a braying world crumbling and transitioning in the rubble and smoke.

Be not affected by the snapperheads and dramafarmers, hard and fast and disturbingly loud though they may be. Those who cannot sit within are out in force, spewing the bile they can no longer swallow and paying their pittances forward. It’s not yours to catch, coddle or choke on.

This moonscape is ripe for bluster and guff, argument and misunderstanding as these celestial flames warm the wicks of firecrackers everywhere. But it has more than a few secret weapons tucked into its dark side for those ready, willing and able to align to its cardinal power.

I’ll be banging on about all this and more at today’s full mooner, as we deftly avoid the landmines in favour of inner space and an elevated approach to what’s left of this year. DM to get your silky mits on the recording to enjoy at your leisure under the full moon.

Either way, shelve all non compulsory gauntlets and stay a healthy distance from anything that looks like it has already been set alight by this week. And now, more than ever:

When people show you who they are, believe them.
~ Maya Angelou

Art by Ayham Jabr
Words c. Kerrie Basha 2020