Job done, Father Time

The full scale reno by the Capricorn construction co. has been crashing old structures and fatally quaking the patri-pillars our world was built upon since January. Saturn’s move into Aquaria after the March equinox tipping point was a brief preview of a signature new structural energy that will define 2021. But his retrograde back through Capricornia from May until yesterday traced the breakdown and its theatre of war as we were individually and collectively plunged into our authority issues.

This year, more than any other in our lived history, has revealed the truth of those who wield power over us. A devastating revelation of what – and whom – these crumbling colonised systems actually serve and protect. Their brutality, merciless and brazen, upholds only their stale pale male architects and lines their piss stained pockets. Job done, Father Time.

Meanwhile closer to home, as the revolution searched for people and places to take root in, Saturn’s rx rolled out the blood red carpet over the fray and towards our hammering hearts. It excavated our old authority issues as a clarion call to personal power through shoring up our own foundations. It called us to our work and the discipline to hold ourselves to its bench. And it bayed for authenticity to take the place of imitation or influence.

Authority and authenticity are derived from the same Latin word for an originator, they who hold mastery as a consequence of position or power. Clout is a crucial component of maintaining this power because without influence it will be usurped. Anything – or anyone – that maintains power over you steals your personal authority and feeds on it, sucking the life out of your authentic purpose. It refuses your authorship and rips the pen out of your hand as it writes the terms of your life for you.

As Saturn makes his way back over this turned ground and towards The Future and the heralded age of Aquaria, we too complete his review process. From now until December is all about changing the game and its major players. Staring the crumbled pillars down, calling time on their twisted power games and claiming your life as your own.



Art by Xu Zhen
Words c. Kerrie Basha 2020