Action Stations

You are not imagining that schism in the fabric of reality nor the cattle prod ripple in the matrix. Today delivers a jaw dropping, see you / raise you version of March’s tipping point astrology. This time with galvanising friction points that will finally engender sustained action stations. Think of it as truly radicalising astrology, the kind that gets under your skin to force change.

Back at the last equinox we were all still gawping at lockdown, chaos and pandemonia. We could not see then was what was happening behind the curtain. Courtesy of an agitating cardinal T square, that will clang today and on repeat through Mars and Mercury’s retrogrades, the full spectrum of our rocky horror is showing itself. Because we cannot heal anything we refuse to see.

Whether you look to what’s going on in your life, blowing up on the world stage or your native political gong show, unrest and injustice cannot be unseen. We can no longer sit idly by *and* be the change we wish to be living. It’s a doing word. We are called to make a difference.

A look at the major players, here to help you know thine true opponent. Saturn in Capricorn stationing to turn direct represents what is established, showing us all year the truth of rotten foundations and what – or who – wields authority over us.


Mars retrograde in Aries, revolting and agitating for change. Activated, passionate and willing to go to war. Mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. He represents our drive and ambition as much as our righteous rage.


Mercury at the lashing tail end of Libra, better known as the Fiery Way. Shelving diplomacy for justice and speaking combustible truth to entrenched power. He has just entered his rx shadow but has to hit Scorp before he backs up to cross this ground again.

And so with Mars in retrograde, Saturn about to come out of his and Merc soon to begin, these three will continue to square off. All in cardinal signs, showing us the path to transition and the doors we have to charge through to get there.

Action stations, darklings.

Revolution is not a bed of roses. Revolution is a struggle between the future and the past.
~ Fidel Castro

Pic of Benny Drama
Words c. Kerrie Basha 2020