Libra Thy Name is Justice

The sun’s ingress into each of the cardinal signs is the marker for the two solstices and the two equinoxes. Significant portents of change, cardinal energy is linked at its most basic nature to transition. Ancient astrologers originated the term cardinal from the Latin word for hinge because it is when the earth shifts and crosses the threshold of the new season.

Traditionally Libra is concerned with balance and the diplomacy required to maintain it, which is why the emphasis can fall on how we relate to others and the world around us. But Libra’s symbol is the scales and this year, more than any other, it calls us to justice.

Giant statues of Lady Justice still sit blindfolded outside high courts all over the world, as she holds her sword and scales aloft. The evolution from ancient goddesses like Ma’at, Themis and Nemesis, she was only portrayed blind since the 16th century. Curiously coinciding with the rise of colonialism and modern patriarchy. Sadly post modern humanity’s idea of justice – and the systems built to uphold it – is more closely aligned to vengeance and political brinkmanship than righting the balance.

Not no more. With the revolution well underway and issues of racial, social and climate justice dominating our 2020 vision, Lady Justice is rising anew. She has ripped the red flags that blindfolded her away. She is only interested in balancing the scales so that our world is fair, just and equitable. She has a sword and she’s never been afraid to use it.

As we navigate some galvanising astrofuckery over the next month, Libra season is less about finding diplomatic balance and making the same old concessions. It is a clarion call to right wrongs, to tip the scales back and fight for those who cannot.

If you are included in that, it is a whisper from deep within to tighten your grip on that sword so you can cut cords from those who visit their injustice upon you. Symmetry is the new simpering for doe eyed idealists everywhere, as you move beyond pleasing to power.

Virgo season done right reset boundaries. Libra arrives with the sweet scent of justice on the breeze and a brief that puts the gavel in your hands. All rise.


Art: Nemesis reworked by someone who had their art snaffled on Pinterest.
Words c. Kerrie Basha 2020