The Mercing

Mercury is coming for us this week darklings as the revolution truly takes hold and kicks up a gear or three. Tomorrow may be the equinox tipping point as the sun swans into Libran playing fields but it arrives in the midst of a sharp cosmic one two punch. This is indeed a week to have your wits about you.

Mercury at the tail end of Libra is making his way to Scorpio along the via combusta. The fiery way is the ancient’s gauntlet, a passage they saw fraught with danger and unrest. But it is too a guaranteed portal to transformation, the kind this year has been setting in motion on repeat.

Mercury’s journey through the lashing tail end of Libra is a call to justice, as it is being revealed and rewoven by this tremoring year. The scales have long been out of balance, tipped in favour of the self interested bastards that loaded their side up. Expect this week to expose even greater levels of corruption and double standards from the decaying patriarchy, as RBG bangs the gavel from a far higher bench.

Today Merc squares off with Pluto, courting transformation through chaos. Tomorrow he drinks tea with the north node as they map out new futures. Wednesday he stares down Saturn stationing to turn direct and by Thursday Mars joins the party forming a cataclysmic T square. T for trouble and strife, this config courts conflict and the kind of righteous rage that shifts putrefying shit. The process is unholy and often horrifying but so too is the whole truth that has pushed our world to rebirth. The towers are fatally quaking now.

Look to what you may like to revolutionise or call to order in your own life and use this fire as fuel, this unrest as a crack through which overdue change can rush in. Don the lady armour if you must brave the fray and remember with Mars rx, those who pick a fight are bound to lose it. Draw your sword only in valiant defence and cultivate the mightier mercurial arts of communication and sharp wit.

This week is another baptism by fire, fuelled by hot air and a world tipping wildly. Find the eye of this perfect storm and peer through, darklings. This year yet has your name on it.


Art uncredited via Pinterest
Words c. Kerrie Basha 2020