Prelude to a Tipping Point

As the new moon rises to pull us back from the inky void, she arrives as potent prelude to a tipping point. Make no mistake about it, this lunar cycle is a fresh crossing that calls your soul to its purpose through embodiment. You are here. Now. Navigating humanity’s late stage gong show as your heart drums its singular rhythm.

In Virgo, we are beholden to none other than its guiding syncopation. Whether you see it shimmering or know it not yet, this year has pummelled and pushed us all to these crossroads. Calling light forth from our shadows and ripping back the veils we have been swaddled in. The truth has to piss you off to set you free*.

The moon and sun in Virgo serve us up a giant vat of get shit done, flavoured with cunning discernment and a mercurial eye for detail. Neptune in opposition liquifies our illusions in the face of the sharp eyes. Saturn again brings his discipline and drive to the new moon party, with less grinding and more get up and go forth.

This bountiful new moon, rippling with potent possibility, squares the nodes and it is this bending of that axis which places us at our crossroads. Now we stride between past and future as their symmetry plants us firmly in our true present. Embodied and clued in, intuiting our what comes next step by bold stride.

You have heard the call, however faintly, all year. Shown in no uncertain terms what is no longer aligned. Called to the steepest learning curve and rolling initiation that keeps having its way with your hummingbird heart. The dark moon dropped the dross and, done right, decluttered your fresh ground zero.

And so it begins.

This new moon before the equinox signals time. To kick in, level up and take the leap of faith in yourself that is required now. You were born ready, with all you need already tucked within. Choose to use it, starting afresh with this rippling new moon.

If you do not invent yourself, you will be invented.
~ Maya Angelou


Art by Marietjie Henning Smith
Truth quote by Gloria Steinem
Words c. Kerrie Basha 2020