Deliver Us From Overwhelm

This month’s dark moon bolthole is the ultimate green room darklings, designed to deliver you from overwhelm and underdone fuckwittery as we make our way to the Virgo new moon on Thursday. The path is neither clear nor easily apparent and best navigated travelling light.

The dark moon is the days leading to her rebirth that begs our rest and relinquishment. Every month in a row, it asks us to trade the cult of busyness for one that prizes rejuvenation and the kind of sense making that is only borne of stillness. And though the cosmic choreography is playing hard to ignore, it is yet your ticket to solitude and solution.

Jupiter’s grand shunt forwards last weekend was a beacon of hope and may well have delivered stunning opportunity or different strokes of good fortune. Pop them on ice until the moon rises anew and calls tenderly to your new beginnings. Use this dark moon to reorganise and prepare, dispensing with any old shite that blights the path to success. In fact, this dark moon is fabulous for detoxing your life of anything poisoning the well or polluting the temple.

On our way to our monthly rebirth we have some square dancing to opt out of, as the braying playing field continues unabated. Venus squares Urania rx which could deliver our hummingbird hearts a loud wake up call. Mercury also squares Jupiter on his long way out of Capricornia. Beware of overstating your claims or getting so tangled in minutiae you miss the big picture. Fly underneath the radar or better yet, rest thy wings.

The Virgo new moon is the blessed new beginning we crave, grounded and geared right. But as every lunatic knows, it is entirely a function of how well you do the dark. Do nothing, for best results. Get grounded and ready for what your way comes.


📷 Dark moon bolthole tucked in the forests of Hrensko, Czech Republic
Words c. Kerrie Basha 2020