This Week in Astrology

Another week of crowded cosmic choreography will see us land in a whole new lifescape by the end of this gamechanger. Note well the days since that revelatory full moon. If you scried her surreal wisdom, you have been given the heads up and a slippery shove in the right direction.

Over the weekend Venus sauntered into Leo, welcome fire steam cleaning her turgid time in the Cancerian waterworld. Meanwhile Mercury flitted into the simpatico fresh air of Libra, adding an air of diplomacy to communication and fostering the ability to see the world from points of view beyond our own myopia. Welcome salve to the global empathy deficit, the first step to compassion is to plant feet into the shoes of another.

All of which seems to juxtapose Mars’ impending retrograde, as he continues to glower from Aries at the worldbeating Capricorn congress. Though many are battening down hatches and calling to arms, this rx will reveal more than what sets you off like a packet of crackers. Revisioning our relationship to fire is not limited to dancing with anger. It will too call to our smouldering passions and the flints now sparking in our hummingbird hearts. Still, the brief remains deceptively simple: don’t pick a fight.

Though we will briefly feel the hard lock of cosmic brakes with six planets in reverse grind, our grandest turns direct again at the end of the week and by Jove, we will be grateful for that Jupiter sized elevation. Anticipate breakthroughs in knowledge, uncommon wisdom and plain old luck as good fortune counterbalances a world gone weary.

In such a busy starscape, choose carefully the carriage you strap yourself into here on earth and watch out for the impact of the others. Hands firmly on the wheel and your heart’s compass if you hope to navigate the fray.

Listen to the silence inside the illusion of the world and you will remember the lesson you forgot.
~ Jack Kerouac


📷 Tim Walker Photography
Words c. Kerrie Basha 2020