Venus on the Prowl

Lady Love is on the move. She has breached the surface glass after a turgid excursion through the Cancerian waterworld, her deep dive through the heartspace that is our home in this world. She has her sights firmly set on the flaming lair of the lioness, her Leonine cape of stars overdue for a good swishing and glittering.

Her final yards in Cancer have been the hardest. Squaring both Mars in Aries and the Capricorn congress one by one, as the surreal full moon in Pisces hazed the frame. This undercurrent built the tension, spotlighting the discordance between masculine and feminine, within and without.

If you have built your love nest in the branches of another’s heart, the last month will have tested the weight in trying conditions. If you are flying solo, an equal music strummed your heartstrings. Questioning how we marry opposing forces without dishonour or dispute or sacrifice.

Venus moving into Leo tomorrow is a welcome inferno that dries up the swamp in dramatic fashion. It trades tender explorations for living and loving out loud. Here Venus knows what she wants and why and ardently pursues it with a strident focus on the honeypot at the end of the rainbow. It offers us all an overdue blast of bravado and moves us from gawping on the sidelines to centre stage. There is no denying what you desire now. The lair of the lioness encourages us each to hunt it down.

Leo asserts dominion over the heartspace. Our time prowling the zodiac’s jungle proves our heart, its strength and its courage, without testing its mettle nearly so much. Here we are forged and famed if we inhabit the unbridled chutzpah its natives are renowned for – which is precisely how they get what they really really want.

The stage remains set for radical reinvention. The kind that relegates your last iteration to its rightful place in history. Traded up for greater authenticity and a noble sovereignty that commands respect. Perhaps too a whole new look that reflects the renovation within.

There remains a world of difference between shining a spotlight and stepping into one. Be ready for your heart’s close up, darklings.


📷 Statue of Queen Zenobia rising from the Mediterranean Sea
Words c. Kerrie Basha 2020