Full Moon Hangover

This full moon hangover was a doozy darklings, one that held us in its thrall far beyond its midweek peak. You may only just be feeling its dissipation, with the moon now firmly ensconced in Aries refiring the playing field. But still musing upon what in Endora’s name swept you up and away or pulled you under sometime last Tuesday.

The Pisces full moon is a multidimensional waveform that can drown you in your own deep seas even as it delivers you to new shores. All up the moon was in Pisces for nearly sixty languid hours as a Neptunian fog settled in around our busy heads and began to weave its peculiar magic.

Its keys lay hidden in those strong feelings that surged through you like a language. It scattered crumbs from your past to your future, spun you around blindfolded and then set you to collecting them. Over those nights the batshit crazy dreams provided a map and a guidebook that only sprung into life if you translated the strange characters and surreal mindscapes.

The full moon peak was merely act one of a play in three parts. For almost all the next day the moon pulled powerfully towards an exact meeting with the blue planet. Instead of the regular post peak let off, this intensified emotion and imagination. We were swept further up, down or away. Neptunia had its way with us and we were left shivering from its touch and shimmering with fresh insight, even if clarity was still playing hard to get.

Act three and another strange half day later, the moon detaches. The long void was a window through which uncommon sense, unexpected wisdom or fresh inspiration entered. It opened while no one was looking on Thursday. Ish. Intuition rippling like a current. The clouds clearing. Understanding migrating you to a foreign land.

The move from Pisces to Aries always leaves us wondering what just happened. The moon traversing this sacred turf at the end of the zodiac was the full stop. That dreamy emo lune was one for scrying deeply, so to craft sense of the strange portrait that stared back.

Look into it, darklings.

One day it will have to be officially admitted that what we have christened reality is an even greater illusion than the world of dreams.
~ Dali


Art: Sharon Covert Photography
Words c. Kerrie Basha 2020