The Dreamy Peak

Not often does sleepIng your way through a full moon reward you with this kind of treasure. In Pisces this dreamy lunation fairly ripples with enchanting possibility. She is oracle if you can read her rippling waters and soothsayer if you peer into the tides she rises in you.

The climb to the peak is bizarrely soporific, even in the midst of chaos as the new mundane. Despite the simmering Martian undercurrent, Neptunian influence rules in its strange fashion, luring the willing and the wonderers alike. Urania also has his lightning touch in this lunar cocktail, stirring the unexpected from stupor and cattle prodding the snoozers.

Magical potency aside, this remains an emotional moonscape. We are dancing with the sun and moon on the axis of chaos and order. Beware the doldrums and feelings overload that can hurtle you into overwhelm if you scramble from their transmission. Your feelings remain your first language and mother tongue. Deny them at your peril.

This full moon could kick hard in the nostalgias as we long for simpler times. We may miss places and people we haven’t met yet. Resist the boozy lure of anaesthesia, bypass or dissociation. Checking in not out is the only way to magnetise the yearning.

If you can dart past the dramafarmers and swim straight to inner space, this sweet lune rewards with deep insight and an almost surreal clarity. Look for inspiration shimmering beyond the fray and watch your dreams like a hawk. They hold clues and keys and maps with words your mouth hasn’t tasted yet. When your mind wanders off, do not call it back.

The moon is full in Pisces:
Los Angeles on Tuesday 1st at 10.22pm
New York on Wednesday 2nd at 1.22am
London on Wednesday 2nd at 6.22am
Sydney on Wednesday 2nd at 3.22pm

Dream a little dream with her.

For a dreamer is one who can only find the way by moonlight
~ Oscar Wilde


Art: Botint via Steemit
Words c. Kerrie Basha 2020