The Lion’s Dark Moon

This month’s dark moon bolthole is Leo friendly. Just a small island castle in which to retreat from your subjects, pull in your claws, and lick your wounds. A cavernous space in which to shake out your mane on sumptuous velvet couches by an ornately oversized crackling fire with the jungle kept well at bay.

For those who walk with the moon, and my coven witches know this by heart, the dark moon is the quiet blessed corner of each lunar cycle. It rejuvenates and restores if you let it work its magic upon you, time and space to craft sense and sensibility from the torrid tale of your life.

This has been my practice for many moons, one I hold sacred and protected. But this year, like so much else, it has been magnified and elevated to a lifesaving untangling from a world braying and twisting through change. Putting it at a vaster distance than usual, in order to unhook from its constant howling.

There is nothing in nature that does not rest. That forfeits its own rejuvenation and trades it for money or hustle or busy, or any of the pantheon of modern lesser gods. Only the most disconnected species does that, its ego roaring its body into submission as it wearily adjusts its dull crown.

There is always a cost to trading rest but the heavier toll to pay now is deferring integration, month after frantic month as the year slips by in an unprecedented blur. Integration is a secret superpower thst resists a hasty cobbling. It demands your precious time, loving attention and peculiar insight. That revolution taking hold in you cannot run on fumes. Left untended it will burn you out from the inside.

So sink gratefully in, as the dark moon calls to your shadows from behind your eyelids and bubbles dreams up from its cauldron space. Soon enough our lunar imperative is reborn roaring. But first, we restore ourselves to our formless glory.

A field that has rested gives a beautiful crop.
~ Ovid

Today’s dark mooner is gently flinging open its digital doors at 11.30am AEST. There will be stargazing and musing, restorative breathwork meditation. And of course I’ll be telling you an enchanted story and sweeping you away. Recorded for listening at your leisure, tix here or DM me later for the link.

Pic via one of the million dreamy travel accounts on Insta *sigh*
Words c. Kerrie Basha 2020