Snap. Crackle. Pop.

With a snap, crackle and the kind of pop that could boggle your mind, today Urania and Merc square off from fixed corners of the cosmos. This is the kind of day that could go either way, as we continue to ratchet and twist. This week is liberally heaving with evolutionary astrology, the kind that makes you or breaks you.

Urania is beginning to station in the little bull’s lair, preparing for his supercharged retrograde. In typically obtuse fashion this long rx will ramp the wake up calls and lightning strikes, in aid of revolution. Tasked with delivering insight, aha’s and divinely designed disruption, this long stationing can and will show us what desperately needs to change.

Uncle Merc in Leo is on the prowl, unafraid to roar and fairly brimming with the courage required to inhabit the words that tumble out. Under this week’s stars as the flames lick at his winged heels, impulsiveness is a double edged sword. He is yet heading to another rebirth, his cazimi next week resetting the conversation once more.

Until then? Today’s skirmish between communication and revolution could create chaos, the fertile kind that delivers you to a new shore. Well may it grind against our restlessness and disquiet, forcing an overdue clash of ideas and a conversation deferred for too long. This meeting of mind and deep seeded will creates a frisson, a ripple in our ordinary matrix of mundanity through which fresh magic could rush in.

With Mars and Pluto warming up to their clash, beware argument and those can’t hold it in any longer detonations. This is not an ideal week to flick the setting to nuclear.

Today’s secret superpower, the one that bridges the gap between two fixed states, is listening. Actively, properly, truly. Let your ears dance between the lines of conversation or confrontation to hear the true tune being sung.

From that better informed place, let yourself be struck. And then, once the crackle and sizzling fades, let yourself be changed by the bolt that hit you. Out of the blue and right between the eyes.

Listening is an art that requires attention over talent, spirit over ego, others over self.
~ Dean Jackson


Art: Scar from The Lion King, struck and shook
Words c. Kerrie Basha 2020