Void Mooning

I am a rabid fan of the void that follows a full moon. After the bluster and frenzy of the ratchet to the peak, there is a palpable drop in energy that follows her blazing. We stop. We drop. We roll gratefully over into the waning phase as she begins to breathe out and we do too.

In astrology, the moon is said to be void of course when she is between aspects, a liminal limbo when she is neither here nor there. I imagine her sinking gracefully into the space between, discarding the garb of the sign she has departed and casting an eye over her capes of stars to summon her next iteration.

When casting, whether a chart or a spell or a role you are yet to play, the void moon is tut tutted by traditionalists and believed to cloak answer and insight and misdirect magic. This has not been my experience. Through trial and error and observation, I have come to crave this odd in between space right after a full moon as both a curious portal to peer into and a silent forgiving abyss in which to relinquish and purge.

Not all void moons are created equal. In fact, no two are the same thanks to the dynamic dance of the moon and stars. Today’s void moon is between Aquaria and Pisces, a cusp which is a homeland for me. It is a strange and magical place that resists prescription and marries intellect to feeling. It asks deep questions and wonders their answers out loud.

The Aquarian peak, charged as it was by its ruler Urania, will have delivered significant lightning bolts and wake up calls. It was an early herald of the age incoming. Note well the shape of the landscape when the light changed and flashed your attention beyond the box you are used to. Know clearly now what cannot stay and all that limits your evolution or holds you fixed in an old paradigm that is no longer yours to bow to.

Into this glorious void drop anything superfluous, sinister or just plain stupid. And then peer through its arch window with your second and third sight to see what your future self holds to its hummingbird heart.


Words c. Kerrie Basha 2020 | Art uncredited via Pinterest