Full Moon Square Dancing

The fresh air of Aquaria always gifts us knowledge, a curious portal rippling with futuristic currents and strange wisdom. The moon has crossed the threshold, now gracing the water bearer’s mansion and rising to her fullness over a world vibrating beneath her just a little more frantically. The march to her peak littered with crossed wires crackling to find new currents.

The supercharged square between Urania and the sun and moon proffers strange magics. Squares always ask something of us. This triangular vortex of tangential energy is the kind that could deliver uncommon wisdom or long sought answers to those who ask the right questions. This Aquarius full moon is ruled by Urania from Taurus, delivering a mutual receptivity whose axis is supercharged by the sun, roaring from his home state of Leo.

Aquarius is symbolised by the water bearer – and The Star card in tarot – the queen of stars who pours life upon the land and wisdom into the world. This lunation is both portal and preview to our great what comes next, whispering the path to the future to those with an ear cocked and glittering eyes peeled.

Over in the coven, full moon spells and rituals to connect you more deeply to her magics are waiting for you, drawing down her power and her grace and drinking it into your life.

The moon is full in Aquaria;
La La Land on Monday at 8.58am
Nu Yoik on Monday at 11.58am
London on Monday at 4.58pm
Sydney on Tuesday at 1.58am

The Piscean age was and is about believing. The Aquarian age is about knowing. We have a choice between being foolishly misguided and wisely fed.
~ T.F. Hodge

Choose, darklings. I hope your full moon is a wonder.


Art by Jake Badderley
Words c. Kerrie Basha 2020