Path to the Peak

The moon’s path to her peak is a veritable pinball as mighty forces bounce off one another and the energy ratchets. Tis a crowded landscape darklings, one best navigated with care and while wearing a helmet.

As the moon jouneys to Aquaria, she runs the Capricorn gauntlet and we again feel the emotional undertow of the worldbeating congress of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. They have been marking the evolution – and dissolution – of knowledge and prior learning, power and control, and the disclipline to do the work, respectively. On all levels of society and within all our dark crevices. All in retrograde this unholy trinity is ensuring nothing has been missed. And all now again illuminated by the bright lady’s path to her moon bloom.

These Capricorn dancers are in opposition to Mercury in Cancer, finally preparing to move on after an extraordinarily protracted stay in the motherland thanks to his retrograde. All the better to marry our marvellous minds to our fervent feelings, building an emotional fluency that rejoins the broken links between heart and head and body. Our emotions are our first language, a currency that barters between the triad of mind, body and spirit. Merc’s swansong ideally cements all you have learned during his time here – or glaringly demonstrates what remains on the workbench.

This crowded choreography is amplified and all lit up by old Uncle Mars in his Ariean battle garb. He is squaring off with both Cancer and Capricorn, charging this arcade game with his incendiary sparks. For the back half of this year he is setting a fire in our bellies. His upcoming retrograde will eviscerate and remake our relationship to our anger, transforming its destructive reputation into a galvanising force for change.

Meanwhile the sun in Leo is roaring his square to Urania in Taurus, as the key influencing factor of this upcoming full moon in Aquaria. All in fixed signs and showing us what is holding us stuck and back behind the evolutionary line.

As we stride to the full moon, we are pinballing between all these aspects, tickling our charts and shadows alike. It can feel like a lot. It rewards careful management and tender footing.

Go gently or go home, darklings.


Art from a 1950s pinball machine
Words c. Kerrie Basha 2020