Mars has strapped on a dodgy ancient facemask he found in his kit and finally made it through the crumbling carnage of Capricornia. Fighting an enemy he couldn’t see as the towers fell, Mars crossed the threshold into Aquaria. Momentarily neutralised, the briefest respite to lay down his sword and grab a pitcher before the flames leap again.
Mars is our inner warrior but don’t be thinking in lockdown he lacks a battlefield. In Aquaria his focus is on social rights and justice. Here may he direct his firepower to reform, reworking tired old social constructs and crumbling norms, kicking through the ashes for anything he can still use.
Mars in the water bearer’s realm resents authority, a handy slant on government playing ineffective and hard to trust. Right there with you, mate. The warrior trusts himself first, last and always. He turns his face away from external authority and capitalism’s old gods and towards his strength, desire and passion. He knows new armies will rise from there.
Ever the pioneer and always ready to spring into action, Mars meeting with Saturn today at Aquaria’s threshold could go either way. With Saturn’s plans to restructure humanity and its outworn failing systems at their earliest inception he has a bit on. Mars’ charge into the meeting room could get messy.
Beware the flare of resentment and aggression, especially the kind that craves space beyond four walls and a bolted door. Tantrums do not a lockdown sweeten. Barricade short fusers and angry ants in a pillow fort far away and enact noise cancelling protocols. But keep in mind that under all that bluster and guff is a frustrated toy soldier who misses his regular playing field.
Steer your mind from confines and restriction to the freedom on offer as soon as you let go of control. Convert suppression to a spacious proof of life where magic lies tucked in the mundane. Move beyond the limits of defence and attack to a mindset ripe for expansion. Tis all there for the taking.
Every battle is lost or won in the arena of the mind.
~ Kierra C.T. Banks
Image: Clash of the Titans
Words c. Kerrie Basha 2020