And how are we doing today, darklings?
Late last century when I was well in labour but not dilating and nowhere near transition but well beyond my pain threshold, I threw my hippy birth plan out the window, snapped the pan pipes and begged for an epidural. I was told by an unreasonably calm midwife that she had called the anaesthetist and he was on his way. I waited loudly for his arrival chomping ice like a bear.
After interminable hours – or “20 minutes” as those not in labour reliably informed me – a tall dark haired man carrying a medicine bag strode into the disco bright room. He was wearing a t-shirt I remember to this day, emblazoned with the words COMFORT PROVIDER. And he was. And he did. And my labour proceeded so that soon enough I experienced the greatest joy of my life.
That is the thing about comfort. It soothes no matter the malaise and steadies the ship. It alleviates our suffering and allows us to find some ease and grace in situations that don’t arrive chockers with either.
And so darklings I have crafted a new reading to salve strange days of confinement, designed to gift you comfort, reassurance and inspiration. It arrives via my medicine bag peppered with ritual and real magic, lashings of humour and the odd expletive as required for these times.
“During my comfort reading with Kerrie today I started with a high level of fear and worry. The cards and Kerrie’s intuitive gift in reading them in such a personal way gave me the reminders I needed to hear and it was just the hope I needed today. I never feel like I am getting a general reading with Kerrie. It’s always very personal and hits deep beyond the fears and anxiety.”
~ Karen, New Jersey
If this sounds like just the good medicine you’re craving, DM to enquire or book in for an online sesh darklings. 😘