Greetings and salutations darklings,
As it is Friday arvy here again, I just wanted to check in once more to see how you are feeling, what you are doing and how this surreal evolution of events is impacting you and your corner of the world.
In Australia and despite the best efforts of our PM to confuse thafuck out of everyone, this felt like the week shit got real(er). Especially for those dismissing the early adopters of isolation and distancing as panic merchants or for those whose control / denial / fear made it unfathomably hard to accept as the new norm. There is a schism emerging along work lines – who can and who can’t – and gaps in the messaging you can still drive a bus through. We are nowhere near flattening the curve but more connected as citizens it feels to me. Perfect prep for overdue revolution.
I am tucked up at home with Stella the wonderdog, tending my garden and my work in the world, managing the anxiety and fear when it creeps under my door with ritual, fairy tales and mugwort tea.
How bout you love? Pour it all out darklings, I want to hear from you. How has your work been impacted? Is home schooling working for or against you? On a scale of From Here to Eternity (1) to Misery (10) how are your relationships dealing with such close quarters? Feel free to answer with book or movie title estimations.
I am sending you giant smooshy socially isolated cuddles as an eagle circles my garden in the afternoon sun xxx