I’ve watched quite a few people fall apart, lose their minds. But I went in another direction. So 27 years later in solitary confinement, I’m still sound in mind and body and spirit. I attribute that to just reading and cultivating myself.
That’s the thing, when you’re thrown upon yourself, you realize you are more equipped than you realized. A lot of the system keeps us from realizing our own power. It’s a good opportunity for people to tap into that.
Being in solitary confinement, it’s a punishment. But people out in society, it’s an opportunity to get more in tune with themselves. Because especially with the internet being what it is, everybody is generally being pulled away from themselves.
The root word of education is “to educe,” to bring forth that which is already there. Education isn’t really about what kind of career you’re gonna get or how you’re gonna make money. That’s not why we were born, to make money for somebody else. To get a big house. To have a nice car.
You’re here to bring forth that which is already there.
Hopefully people being forced to stay home outside of the mainstream curriculum are able to get a glimpse of themselves and start pulling on that thread.
~ Keith LaMar via Mother Jones
Art: Self Potrait by J.H Moseman, 1935