As a country pup used to still waters and river banks she can clamber up and down, it has taken some time for Stell to get her sea legs. Our daily excursions to the beach have been a gentle exercise in adjustment and trust and learning.
It was never the roar of the ocean that bothered her. It was the depth. The vastness of not being able to see beyond a far horizon to the adventure on the other side spooks us all. I have never been a fan of throw ’em in and they’ll soon learn how to swim. I still remember how it felt to be hurled into the deep end at swim school as a kid, the chlorine and terror stinging.
I watch so many carry their quivering little dogs – and selves – into the waves and out of their depth. Then wonder why they bolt back to shore wide eyed once they sink and resurface, with no plans to leave its safety again. Fear teaches us more about panic and drowning than anything else. Sink or swim is survival mode. Gentle encouragement and lavish cheerleading bring longer lasting results.
This life is all about exploring our deep ocean of emotion, this retrograde season even moreso. The sea will always be there no matter how we think or speak of it. Its weather will tempt and terrorise us on different days and we do well to learn our changing climate. It always takes courage to leave the shore and brave the deep currents and tides. To lift feet from the shifting sand below and trust the water itself to hold us afloat.
From here we can swim and dive and explore, chase sticks and ride the waves. Seek out the beauty and power of all our oceans. Marvel at how the rippling light dances like diamonds on the surface and guides your eye through the darkness of the depths.
You don’t have to do it alone, darklings. Just ask Stell and that big smile, the one borne of patient encouragement and unconditional belief. I know she can swim. I know you can too.
Rx readings on offer throughout this mad season. Let’s dive in together. DM to enquire or book in.
Words and pic c. Kerrie Basha 2020