Though it may not feel like it just yet darklings, this year is built on blooming. Rooting into yourself deeply, composting the shit and turning it into nourishment, learning and growing. As a constant gardener, I have resown my offerings this year to meet the changing climate.
New Beginnings Reading
For those taking a courageous leap, we explore the nature of your wings unfurling and the currents you may encounter as you fly higher.
Crossroads Readings
For those standing at a junction with a big decision to make, we explore opportunity and risk.
Valley of Death Reading
For those navigating collapse, break up, death, grief or loss. Tender medicine to balm your heart and bolster your spirit.
Escape Hatch Reading
Gotta get out? We navigate how by decoding the guidance. Comes with bonus courage and hope.
For those wanting to harness the power and insight of their dreams, visions and intention.
Intuition Mentoring
A bespoke course for those looking to connect more deeply to their inner guidance.
Shadow Work
My raison d’etre and favourite way to work. There is no light without shadow to shape and power it. This customised series of sessions is a well supported deep dive into your patterns and potency.
The Coven
A vehicle to craft a broader spiritual connection with the world you inhabit, for those looking to more deeply connect with moon cycles, seasons and sabbats and mama nature through ritual and spellcraft. Join us via the link in my bio.
All offered online face to face, both of us in our own space and time. I have clients all over the world and we work within your timezone and schedule. If you are looking for a sign, this is it. Commit to bloom.
DM to enquire or book in.
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