As we gallop through the midpoint of Merc’s retrograde and he meets the sun in Pisces, we are at the tipping point of this transit. And there is just so very much on multidimensional platforms to consider.
Mercury’s reverse cazimi is an emboldening pass through the heart of the sun, enlivening the grander purposes of this rabbling rx. Yes really. If you have been avoiding revision, emotions or intuitive quakes at the high end of the Richter scale, resistance now becomes futile. Retrograde always has its way with you.
Enter the ghosts of missteps past, whose unholy spectre arrives to pull your reluctant attention by the nose. If your inbox has not already been peppered with weird relics, hey strangers and ex files, brace yourself darkling. They’re coming, welcome or not.
Do you need to engage with them? Not necessarily. Did their manner of exit earn any future response? Probably not. Our lessons often arrive in pretty, delusional packages. Never forget that the past is also littered with a multitude of great decisions, little and big, that saved us and paved the way to now.
The past only haunts us when we have not adequately put it to bed. Metaphorically speaking darklings, now is a worse time than usual to infect yourself with ex anything. The trick is to not attach the tsunami of feelings that arises to the story back then. Or any of its main characters or plot twists, save its star. You. Instead of “reaching out” – a pretty euphemism for searching for closure outside yourself – translate the surge within you into the kind of perspective that brings peace and understanding, nailing the lid on the coffin once and for all.
With the dreamscape feeling like Dali’s running the psych-show and fairly littered with signs and information, don’t waste the intel by being swept back up in an old saga. Retrograde is an internal process, which is why the outside world becomes confounding. Dive in. Write it out.
Translate into digestible portions and gobble them down.
I believe in ghosts, but we create them. We haunt ourselves.
~ Laurie Halse Anderson
Art by @billsafi
Words c. Kerrie Basha 2020
Rx readings are a portal to revelation. DM to book in, darklings.