A word to the wise mermaids, as we navigate the fathoms of Pisces season and Mercury’s emo retrograde. Though this sign cultivates the shamanic depths and our emotional currents, it also has a spectacular penchant for drama, delusion and evasive bypass. Pisces is just as great at opting out or cultivating unconsciousness. Everything has its shadow.
What might your unwillingness to don the snorkel and plunge below sea level dress itself up as? Below are some handy hints to tape to your dive bag lest you find yourself unwilling to leave the safe shoreline or flapping about in the shallows. Your fear is not anyone else’s fault.
Worrying excessively about others is a ruse to distract you from whatever is actually staring you in the face. Much like people pleasing it is an excuse to project your insecurity or discomfort on to another in order to balm it, wrapped up in shiny helpfulness or care. It is neither. Stop it.
Empathy without boundaries is just as toxic as narcissism and frighteningly close to it. It is a survival mechanism enacted at a time when reading minds was the only way to keep yourself safe. You no longer live there. Those who feel everyone else’s feels can rarely discern theirs in the tangle. It isn’t psychic: it’s toxic. Hurling yourself into another’s perceived issues or problems is just an artful way of avoiding thine own. Stop it.
Taking on other people’s stuff, carrying their emotional burdens for them or supplanting yourself as emo kid saviour. Still not noble. These behaviours rob others of the opportunity to learn how to swim. You are not a water noodle. Stop it.
The awful truth is our society still lauds enmeshment or co-dependence as a healthy relationship model. You complete me presumes deficiency and an inability to be whole within yourself. And still makes me want to hurl as much as the first time Tom uttered those vomitous words. She should have chased him out of the house with a monogrammed snorkel.
In shadow work we untangle ourselves from this conditioning and learn how to cultivate emotional self sufficiency. If the time has come darkling and Pisces season is nipping at the concrete bonds that keep you afeared of your deep ocean, DM to find out more. Shadow work is on offer via my bespoke program or as stand alone sessions.
Photography by Christian Vizl
Words c. Kerrie Basha 2020