Though the moon is newly reborn in Pisces, this is not a start line from which to clang or bolt or proclaim. Not all moons are created equal and lunar solidarity resists such limiting prescription, tis the feminine after all. In Pisces the new moon is curtains parting to reveal a deep ocean, gently lit by moonlight whose shining surface promise only its depths.
It is easily influenced by other currents and what they bring to bear. As she rose anew the moon met Mercury in retrograde, further obscuring the landscape and reminding us that this next month is process not destination. Either side of their nebulous clinquant, Mars in Capricornia and Urania in Taurus serve as grounding crossbeams. The former about to retrace January’s restructuring and the latter earthing the changeling vibes.
We have been cordially invited deep within. To swan dive into the many moods and secret caves submerged in our deep sea with a sense of discovery and wonder. Here you will find your soul’s code darting about like minnows and catching the light. This submersion is a clear path into our unconscious, revealed to those who so desire and offered in bite size chunks through a superpowered dreamscape. All you want to know is aching to be revealed. You need only ask the right question as this month unfurls.
The Pisces new moon tickles our urge to merge with the divine. Don’t be tempted by its nearest approximation or unvarnished avoidance of yourself, couched as concerning distraction. This luscious lunation comes swathed in delusion and its stupefying lures, sirens that will draw the foolish and fearful back towards the shallows and the rocks. Exploring the dark caverns and sometimes gasping for air or light or sense takes a lion heart and a mermaid’s tail.
Over in the coven our lunar observation begins with the dark matter from which all emerges, the divine dark moon. This month we are devoting ourselves to our intuition, learning how to really listen and tune out infernal distraction from our soul’s guidance. Tis the season, darklings. Join us there for this moon cycle – or many more – to connect more deeply to your spirit. As if by magic.
Art by Ivan Bilpin, 1913
Words c. Kerrie Basha 2020