When your life is staring you down, the very best thing you can do is meet its gaze.

If you run it will hunt you. It will always catch you. You are not here to outwit the lessons or learn to sprint faster than the fear.

No matter when you stand to face it incoming, you will be terrified. Your bones will tremble at its approach. It will take its toll on you as you submit to its shifting. Some days you will crumple. Some will require you to break apart.

You will soften in your surrender. You will have no other choice. Your softening will strengthen your resolve. Those beating wings will envelop you. Things will liquify and then effortlessly take a new shape. Sometimes faster under your silent gaze than your hands.

You will stop looking for a safe harbour or a mask or a finish line. You will let your eagle eyes hungrily seek out the bounty around you. Not every day will be a feasting but many more than now will find you sleeping full and well.

Your life will wend and wander and you will too. Others will weave in and out. Some knots will pull through but still some will hold taut. One ordinary day you will put down the scissors and your fingers will quicken and flex.

You will begin to crave the eagle when she graces your horizon. You will know that she has come hunting and your face will beam your presence. You will walk fearlessly out into the open. You will wave, your grey hair whipped into a welcome by the wind.

Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018